ff165k super tweeter recommendation for BiB

Well i scored some ff165k (thanks planet10) and was looking to build some BiB boxs. However the radioshack isnt around anymore. Can i use something from parts express, and if so what would i need for a cross over?

PS: since these are for work (ya im that lucky in the back) i kinda cant keep them away from the wall. Would that be bad and i should design the tweeter in the front? Or should i not bother with a tweeter and pop one in later if i need one.

Also any tips for a first timer BiB? looks like people get pretty creative with the bottom.
If you want to rear mount i would recommend this tweeter.


Try a 1uf cap and see how that works for you. If you want more treble try a 1.5uf cap. If less try a .47uf cap.

You can also front mount. If you do i would recommend starting with the .47uf cap. If too much treble try .33uf. One of those should do it.

If you want to spend more money, TC used to use this tweeter on the back of his Super Abby speaker with the Fostex 165k.


I never heard the more expensive tweeter but it probably sounds very good. The driver doesn't 'need' a tweeter but if you want the treble to shimmer a bit more then add it. I liked the sound of the 165k best in my BIBs when facing forward without any toe in. In my case, i preferred the tweeter.