few questions about TDA1554


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2008-12-09 11:53 pm
Before i start with building a tda1554 amp i want to be sure what i'm doing.

I am working by this shematic:

22 Watt Audio Amplifier

1.Would 12V 1.25A adaptor be enough to power an amp?,i don't want to listen music on max level.
That adaptor powered divoom morro 123 speakers and it was wery loud

2.where to place potentiometer, to control both L and R channels?

3.is it just loud, or very loud?

4.i really cant make a pcb for it,so where can i assamble the circuit?


2009-01-13 7:29 am
TDA1554Q is car amp & can be listen in home environment. The Max power supply is 18V (Single supply). It was my first amp. Total area of car & home is different so it is not very loud in home environment.

3.is it just loud, or very loud?

It may be loud when you use efficient speakers and very good power feed.

Attached pcb layout for 2.1 and can be alter to make stereo mode.


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