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For Sale Ferrotec Ferrofluid, 500mL, APG W05

Things you have for sale.
Still digging stuff out of storage This ferrofluid is left over from a patent I was working on quite some time ago. I had two of these, but haven't come across the opened one yet. I recall it being well over $1000 for both bottles direct from Ferrotec. Will sell this unopened one for $99 plus actual shipping from Carlsbad, CA 92010.


Cheers, -Casey
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Thank you!
diyAudio isn't letting me message people with their tracking numbers, so I'm providing it here instead.

Tracking numbers is 9405503699300315788654. Will probably be dropped off at the PO late Monday.
I also included two 20mL bottles of different Ferrotec part numbers, but I have had them for a very long time -- not sure of their shelf life.

Cheers, -Casey