Ferrograph Series 7

In this deck there is a high wattage resistor between the 2 drive motors - R105, 500 ohm. In the manual it states that this is now replaced by a choke - L102.
But, in the parts list, L102 is simply designated 180-000.

Does anyone know the L & R value of this ?

Obviously there was a problem with R105 getting hot, as it is mounted high up below the handle & if there is any dust on it there is a smell until it burns off.

Thanks for your replies.

Mark, it appears that this modification is only for the 60hz 117v models. I was not aware of this as I just saw this in the parts list, & thanks for the thorough parts list link. As mine is a 240v model I don't need to be concerned. - By he way I did do a rough calculation & a 60hz. 500 ohm inductor would need to be about 1.3 Henries ! Unless of course I've missed something !
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