FerroFluid types and replacement

Seems there are a few options available now looking at eBay.

I want to replace the fluid in my 25 year old tweeters. I've carefully cleaned out the old sticky gunk that was and now I need to refil :)

I've read quite a bit here and on various sites and it seem that the educational stuff may be too thick for a tweeter and therefore provide a little too much damping.

F4MFF20 - EFH1 Ferrofluid 20ml - Science & Art (20ml Tube) (F20/WS)

There is also a seller in the US selling stuff thats specifically for drivers so I assume it has a lower viscosity maybe???

FERROFLUID Ferro Fluid 900ul for speaker tweeter repair (Up to 4" voice coil) | eBay

It looks like the only stuff thats easily available in the UK is the education stuff.

Anyone got any suggestions? Could the educational stuff be mixed with a very light oil to reduce its overall viscosity???

I also found this, but I'm not expecting them to want to supply very small quantities to an individual.

Audio Ferrofluid Retrofit Kits for Loudspeaker Reconditioning
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