Ferguson Hill horn

Heard them at the last two London Heathrow Shows. Looked gorgeous, sounded dreadful. Sorry to burst some bubbles here :-(

First year they played on their own and sounded recessed and lifeless with very limited top end and of course no real bass.

Last year they had bass because of the added sub, but it was badly matched and VERY obvoius.

OK, you have to allow for the bad hotel room but other companies were doing resonable to very good sounds for WAAAAAAAY less money.

Just my opinion of course, their room packed every time I went past.

These things have had some decent reviews in the UK hifi press -Paul Messenger, who's quite respected in the field (though I don't see eye to eye with his views on the value of suicidally expensive cables and mains 'treatments' that seem to bare precious little relation to material science) rated them quite highly, but noted they were rather tricky to position correctly, which could well be a problem at a show (loathsome things mostly). I wonder too if the matching sub had been set up by ear, or using a sound-pressure meter. You'd hope and pray it would be the latter wouldn't you, but it's unbelieveable how many pepole, including manufacturers, who really should know better, don't do it. Sigh.
I might see if I can plug the rough dimensions into Martin's FLH MathCad sheets if I get a spare moment and see what gives. One thing I personally don't like: the tubular metal support. Resonance central, here we come! Good value? Nope. A heck of a good piece of moulding? I'll say. Pretty? Oh yes. Do I want a pair? Well, what do you think. Have them to look at. Play music through an oris hidden by a pot plant or two. ;-)