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Fenrir Speaker Kit


2007-07-01 1:07 am
Fenrir Speaker Kit drivers (one stereo pair) as described here:

Completed project: "Fenrir"

Includes "new in the box" never used drivers:

- Rival Audio R176-P-08 Carbon/Pulp Woofers (quantity 2) List price - $119 each

(reference Paper woofers by Rival Acoustics – Rhythm Audio Design )

- Wavecor TW022WA06-01 22 mm Tweeters (quantity 2) List price - $60 each

(reference Wavecor TW022WA06 22mm Textile Dome Tweeter with Ferrofluid )

- OPTIONAL - Bamberg Engineering CNC machined Facet MDF Baffles (quantity 2)

- Documentation package

You supply the crossover parts (crossover schematic and suggested parts list provided in documentation) and the enclosure, binding posts, cabinet damping, etc.

WITH BAFFLES: $250 plus shipping costs to USA recipients and Paypal fees

WITHOUT BAFFLES: $225 plus shipping costs to USA recipients and Paypal fees


  • IMG_20200129_115030 drivers in baffle.jpg
    IMG_20200129_115030 drivers in baffle.jpg
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  • IMG_20200129_115133 woofer.jpg
    IMG_20200129_115133 woofer.jpg
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  • IMG_20200129_115219 tweeter.jpg
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