Fender Tweed Champ Kits/Parts


2013-05-13 7:26 am
I've decided to make a Tweed Champ (5F1) clone. This is my first time doing anything like this, and so even though I've been doing a ton of research on general theory I have absolutely no frame of reference for what the best parts/manufacturers are. I've spent the majority of the last few days looking through various forums and I've seen a lot of varying recommendations for different output transformers, tube manufacturers, speakers, etc. Clearly this is a lot more complicated than just getting one 12AX7 tube, one 6V6, the right size caps, etc. as I has originally thought. Of course it is much simpler to just go with a kit, and anything else could be swapped out later. But I'm having trouble finding good reviews on which one is best. I'm currently leaning toward the kit from Mojotone. Kits from other manufacturers (Tube Depot, Weber) seem to be all around $500 for the complete package, but I'm planning on making the cabinet myself and Mojotone seems to be the only one that comes down significantly on the price when you omit it. However this is my first build and if all goes well I plan on using this amp for a long time, so I want to make sure I get off to the best possible start with some good components. The Champ seems like a pretty popular build that a lot of people have experience with so I'm hoping some of you might have some suggestions.