Fender Passport Amp - Pong sound

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Hi Everyone

Appreciate a little help.

I have one of these Fender Passport PA systems called a PD500. Its a great unit and kept me going for over 8 years with the odd bit of TLC here and there.

Last month I was using it for a Karaoke night in my bar and once or twice noticed this strange sound like a loud deeper version of the Artari Pong game makes when you hit the paddle. Like Poing. But shorter. (Hard to describe a sound).

I thought it was an artefact on one or two of my Karaoke tracks. But its getting worse. Last night it was happening twice every four five minutes so an obvious deterioration and it is not the song files.

I am thinking it may be a component on the way out that is discharging itself or something.

I am NOT a technician but a user and occasional abuser of audio equipment so have a small knowledge but that is it. I am over in Monrovia Liberia so technicians of any worth are few on the ground. Please I would like some pointers so I can ask a friend who work doing the radio equipment for the UN to have a look at the boards and see what is what.

So not a thud, not like the sound when you plug something in and the amp on. Not a crackle or pop. Not a boom or boing but a quick Pong :-(

Any ideas what it could be? Please.


Does anything affect this? Like does it get more often as the day wears on? Or does it slow down? Do the master volume controls affect its loudness at all? Are you using the wireless feature built in? When it pongs do either of the little LEDs blink or flicker?

Not a pop or crackle, I get that, but does it sound at all like the sounds it makes when power is turned off or on? Like perhaps ther is momentary loss of mains current to it, due to loose power cord connection or even loose outlets. For that matter, does it do this in multiple places, or is the system staying in one place? Take it home and plug it in, does it still happen?

The system has digital reverb, so when it pongs, does the noise get reverberated?

We need to isolate the problem to the mixer, the power amp, or the power supply. If it still pongs with the masters all down, then that eliminates most of the preamp. If it pongs with the masters and channel up, but not with the masters up but channels down, that is a good clue.

If you are using the wireless, does turning OFF all wireless mics stop it? Also, does it matter if someone is moving around with a wireless?

Does this noise only happen while signing/music is going on, or will it also do it while the system is sitting there idle?

And since you are not technical, you can invite your tech friend to come on here directly for assistance, rather than have you try to translate what we tell you.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.