Fender Champion 110, upc1188

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Hello all,

So here's my dilemma, hope someone can help

I recently acquired a Fender Champion 110 guitar amp, that didn't turn on. After i tore it apart and couldn't see any burnt components i needed to isolate the power supply from the rest of the components so i removed all 5 op amps and put dip sockets in. now the only thing connected to the power supply was the upc1188 20watt power amp chip i powered the unit up and the transformer started buzzing (from what ive found this usually happens when you ground a tranny output) so i shut of the amp and found that one of the 1n4003 bridge diodes was conducting both ways, so i replaced it and the unit powered up fine. Great, or so i thought

I still dont get an output signal, i found a copy of a Fender champion 30 schematic ( http://www.manualnguide.com/dl/10166/ )which is almost the exact same (except for the power out chip which id a tda1514). so basically I am sort of at a point were i think i need a upc1188 chip (or the proper schematic). Does anyone know where i can get one or 2 of these chips? or i also have a second option. I could always build a kludge board (26v rails) with a lm3886 chip i have lying around and interface that with the existing circuit.

Any help in sourcing parts or schematic would be greatly appreciated.

well after i reverse engineered the power amp section and figured out what was wrong I ended up finding s an electrolytic cap in the signal path was dried up. Who uses electrolytic in audio signal path??? urg) i then found the schematic of the whole amp tucked inside the amp. so if anyone need the schematic email me and i will scan and email it.

I agree geek, once i finish off my digital matrix mixer i plan to do a nice 15 - 20 watt tube amp (never dealt with tubes before so im sure there will be a lot of searching in this site) fortunately a guy i work with (who is 70+) has a whole pile of tubes and transformers i can have, i just have to sort through them, but thats a whole nother thing for another day

Fender Champion 110

Hi Dave

It looks like you solved your problem. I have been asked to see if I can repair my friend's son's Champion 110 but the amp is pretty fried in the output stage area and with no schematic I am struggling to know what the components should be.
You mentioned that you can e-mail a schematic for the Champion 110. If you still have one I would be very grateful.

Thanks for your help.


Can I get that schematic too?

Dave, I am also working on a Champion 110. Pretty nice little amp. I would really appreciate it if you would send the schematic my way. I may have damaged a pot trying to put a knob on. The flat on these pots are opposite the other amps I have like this. The pots are also not attached to the face plate, just the board. I also need to order a new jack and I need the part number. Thanks!
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