Female rca panel mount size problem

Hey guys im having problems with some panel mounted female rca connectors.
I can't seem to get my rca interconnects to fit on them.
What size should these female rcas be?
Is there an acceptable range? Im building a preamp and dont want to use parts
that are not acceptable.
Anyone have any similar experience?
I've used plugs like those Rean's, they're nice but not the easiest to solder (they never show the insides of plugs) & they're a swine to get off in some cases unscrewing the jack on the amp/pre as most DIY jacks are secured by a little nut, one which you don't want to crank up too tighly, also in a preamp jacks are usually close together, not easy to get a spanner in.

That said if they're from the same maker they might be ok, thing is that won't always be the case. I'd buy a pair before ordering a load, it's hassle and more expensive postage wise but that's better than having 50 quids worth of bits sitting in a drawer .

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