Feeler: Whats this worth? What speaker qualities allow more volume from small amp.

I just made this from an stuff I've been collecting for a few years. Tested and seems to work fine. I pulled this a couple years ago. It still had the manual with it from the 1950s it is 5 watts. Been running it for the past 5 hours off my ipod. Has mono rca in and the cord goes out the back.

I pulled a speaker from an old peavey, but seems like no bass. I rigged it to a Mod 10" and sounds much better.
Was thinking if I hooked up a decent 10" with high sensitivity I could get a little more volume. Anyone have an old, but good 10" they want to unload cheap?
Also, I want to sell this, but don't know where. I know some people would think its crap and others would think its a pretty cool little amp for a home office.
Yes, same thread. Make sure impedance is right...
OK, got you.
I don't know how to measure that. I used the 4 ohm speaker from a peavey and it sounded tinny and not to loud. I used the 8 ohm Mod speaker and it sounded not only louder, but more bass.

So, while I would like to use the correct impedence. I cannot measure that unless it can be done with a basic multimeter. I have run this through several speakers. from the 4" out of an old mercedes to the 15" I pulled from a leslie organ. The 15" sounded the loudest, but I don't have enough space for that in this case. I did not know the impedence of either.

Is there a classified page on this board? I think I would get a better bass response if I used a smaller speaker mounted to a piece of wood that is then mounted to the case with sound holes and has a foam "basket behind it.
Any reasonably-sized speaker is gonna need a cabinet to produce any LF.

The Peavey guitar speaker is a crap-shoot, twice. Firstly, guitar speakers generally have a lot of output in the upper-midrange. Great for getting a solo to cut through everything else, terrible for music.
Guitar speakers also tend to have light cones and stiff suspensions. This pushes the Fs right up, so you've no chance of bass to balance the sound.

You could try a folding U-frame - this would extract some warmth from the system, but (using something like piano hinges) would fold nice and flat for storage.

If you're gonna sell it, do you know that its safe?

As far as it being safe... I did not modify the amp in anyway other than connecting wires to the speaker out. This thing is ungrounded from the 1950s and making it grounded is more difficult than it seems. Simply adding a ground fries it. So, I think it will be a caveat emptor deal.
What is a folding U-frame?
Part of the appeal of this is to leave it open and see the glow of the tubes, especially reflecting off the mirror. If that were not the case I would mount it to the side wall. with a grill or just a bunch of holes. for a grill.
If I could seal the area around the speaker that would create something a chamber behind the speaker, but that would look crap unless I really spent alot of time on it. As you see the speaker is at an angle. I supose I do the cutout of cardboard and then trace it onto luan then use some foam around the edges to make it tight and not rattle.


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2008-10-18 11:31 am
As far as it being safe...<snip>Simply adding a ground fries it.

You would need a transformer at the mains input to isolate it (1:1 winding ratio) . You only need to fuse before and after the transformer and make sure the cable holds securely to the cabinet with an insulated mount.

The ground wire should connect securely with the outer ring of metal on the case, the outer frame of the transformer at it's mounting bolts, and a part of the circuit that is in secure contact with the input socket outer conductor. Use a new power cable and check that the circuit is isolated from the case.


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2008-10-18 11:31 am
Part of the appeal of this is to leave it open and see the glow of the tubes, especially reflecting off the mirror.
Right with you there :), but oh yes, that would require a warning label.


You could try attaching the driver with a thin bead of soft adhesive. Something like silicone only less springy.

An efficient driver would help. Maybe a pro woofer/mid.