Feedback and ideas on new spwakers.


First post in a HiFi forum får several years... been on the low with my HiFi for a time now.

I have just moved into a smaller apartment an thrown my old speaker boxes away. Now i ended upp with a few elements and a bounch of ideas. Hear me out and fell free to help me out, or too help me brainstorming. Here is where i am so far:

I will be using 2x 12" VIfa M30WO-49-08 in each enclosure, i have them lying aorund. I have been using them in a 230ltrs bassreflex before, but it's just too big! Now im thinking of using it in a well dambed TL design around 1,5-2m in length. Should be closing in on 20-25hz region on the f-3 point then. These will probably ahve an active probably be driven by an Hypex UcD180 each in stereo.

Then to a more or less seperate enbclosure, design ideas might be heading that way :xeye: . Here i have two ideas:

1. I use a 3" Vifa midrange dome and my 3/4" Tweeter i have, all of which i have home. And by me some sort of coated paper or just paper 6,5" mid bas and lower midrange in a sealed box?. Amp to this is highly uncertain, but SE845(have to lying around) tube pumping me 10w? Problem here is i olny wan't to go woth first order crossovers.. might get me in trouble with a 4way though.

2. Or i just settle with a Fostex 6,5"(93db/SPL) or 8"(96db/SPL) (not sigma series) and a 6A5GSE to drive those too babies. Enclosure here could be a Quarterwave pipe or maybe a horn or?.. but horn designs give to little space for me too design and requires time. Also will the 6A5G SE amp be enough with it's 3W?

Well feel free!