FE167E BR Size?


2005-08-20 2:30 pm
I'm new here.

I'm working on my first speaker project. It will be a pair of Fostex FE167E's in a BR cabinet's. Keeping things simple for my first project, I figure.

I'm almost ready to start construction on the cabs... But I have read conflicting reports regarding what cabinet volume to use. 15 L? 21L? If it's relevant, I'll be using these speakers in a relatively small bedroom (12x14ish) without a sub, x-over, etc...

All advice appreciated. Thanks!

I finished the 15l recommended from the datasheet a while ago and it clearly sounds a bit thin in my listening room (~14*17ft^2).
That said they are not anywhere near a wall so actually you might "get away with them".
If you don´t mind the size I´d definitely go rather 21-25l (my second set with ~25l is just beeing glued).
You could of course look at the FT1600 from Bob Brines as well.
Or build a TL that´s a little smaller with slightly higher tuning.



Bob Brines

2003-01-31 10:11 pm
The Fostex recommended 15l cabinet will only work for HT crossed to a sub ~100Hz. Also, you must run the port outside of the box as Fostex does because it won't fit inside to box. I found 24l to be the best compromise with this driver. This gives an f3 of 60Hz and reasonable bass into the 40's when room list is considered. (This is the FB-16 cabinet quoted in the previous post.)

Just finished the 15 L BR with 50 cm (~2 inch) port inside per Fostex but used 3/4 in ply. Bass is not too thin but didn't use any stuffing and doesn't find a need for BSC (but everyone's house set up is different!). Of course, the bass doesn't compare to my 207s in ML TQWT (which doesn't need BSC) and I'll use 2x 167 in a center channel HT set up with the subwoofer deal. I expect the 24L set up with the outside port would sound better. Who has built this per Fostex specs?