FE166En different from FE166E?

I notice the specs for the new FE166En is quite different from the older FE166E.

Qts: 0.21
Vas: 45.11l
Xmax: 0.6mm

Qts: 0.25
Vas: 37.02l
Xmax: 1mm

Madisound recommends FF165K for BK-16.

Qts: 0.2
Vas: 48.2l
Xmax: 0.3mm

Looks like the new FE166En is not as compatible to the BK-16 than the older FE166E!

What do you guys think?

If I am going to build the BK-16 without the super tweeters, which full range driver do you suggest? The older FE166E or the new FE166En?

- Louis
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2009-10-02 10:27 pm
Well not to froget the comparism with the 167E

Xmax: 0,6
Fs: 51,5

by the frequency responce of the supplied graphics it seems the 166En has a bether end, let say above 15KHz
it has a lover FS by 1,5Hz but a bether Xmax

both are ES cone

I for my self am currious how would the 166en perform compared to my 167E