FE138ES-R - Dave, your dream came true...

Howdy y'all.

been searching the japanese sites recently. a simple google for yourself will do the topic justice.

apparently, the FE138ES-R in a 5 inch swan style enclosure is recommended.

start drooling. I hope they make enough to satisfy the global market this time. so put pressure on them.

they will likely not be super expensive. I would estimate them at about a grand usd a pair. or thereabouts.
no doubt, but he has always been the most vocal fan of the 5 inch size. I think he was the first one to come up with the moniker, back in an old forum post about the 138es-r.

if they are up to the snuff of the 208es-r, in the things fostex did with the cones, and the way it ended up sounding, etc, then it will be a VERY special driver indeed.

yeah, that version of the super swan they talk about is a little funny looking IMO. it is a tough enclosure to get looking natural. not a hard one to get sounding natural though...

GM said:
Hmm, don't know why it would be. All I did was highlight 'FE138ES-R' in the first post, right clicked it and chose Google to search for it. Note this using Mozilla Firefox on a Windoze machine.


I didn't even know you could do that:cool: I did it and got all the pages..... Nice looking driver and seems to be a paper cone instead of banana fiber.... Anyhow will the real Dave of the thread title please stand up:D Dave:)
the cone...

my favourite translation of the cone so far has to be this...

"HP vibrating plate and the new super-high-modulus carbon ES corn Controller."

YES!!!! I want a corn controller in my speaker!!!!

there is another description. it is mica, carbon, impregnated or something, and all sorts of other stuff. if you look at the color, it is blue, green, yellow, black all trippy and stuff, depending on what angle you look at it (a subtle effect though). there is a good website regarding the 208ES-R and the speculated cone construction

I call my pair of 208ES-R the death stars. they look and sound evil to me. it reminded me of watching america's top model through a bose system. they are like. hey. yeah thats right. I am freaking perfect. look at YOUR ugly, distorted ***. You got to live, breathe, crap. I on the other hand am the summit of art meets engineering. HA! You are not worthy of my presence!!!

and that is when I took them back out of the horns and put them in their boxes for a while. stuff has gotta quit speaking to me like that, ya know?

my eventual personal system: garrard 301, etc. EML 45 amps, death stars in traditional front mouth BLH. the whole system will be called THE death star. I expect to see god. and then die.


blumenco said:
my favourite translation of the cone so far has to be this...

"HP vibrating plate and the new super-high-modulus carbon ES corn Controller."

It's very important to keep the corn under control, otherwise the organic distortion will become inconsolable. ;)

I get a real chuckle reading babelfish translated Japanese amp projects, especially after consuming a couple of wobbly pops.

Not what you'd exactly call hand-down-the-back-of-the-sofa-pricing. ;) That's enough to prompt this kind of reaction:


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Yeah if only madisound will offer them. Anyone from madisound on here listening? Come on guys we need these in north america so ron clark and or dave can come up with a brilliant cabinet for them.
My only complaint other than cost (not like we thought they were gonna give 'em away), I'll probably have to forget about driving them with my new found 45 fetish. I'm guessing they'll be between 90 - 92db., hoping for 93 - 94db, I know wishful thinking but so were (are), these driver's. Good thing I hung onto my humbled, 166es-r's, even if I'm pushing it on a diet of 45's with 'em.
Just look what you guys did to me! I'm obsessively checking here, madisound, solen and eifl for news.
Scottmoose how'd you get that picture of me? Just you wait till my management hears about that!
Blumenco thanks for the heads up!