Favorite Threads and Posts in "Pass Labs"

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Favorite Threads and Posts in this Forum

This permanent thread is a place for links to threads or posts in this particular forum that are useful and/or exemplify the best of DIY Audio.

This is so others- especially newer members can find them. Feel free to post with these links and a brief comment on what the thread discusses Occasionally the moderators will consolidate them into fewer posts.
Hi Variac,

This is a great idea although it's going to take a lot of effort for people to recall and/or root out those core threads. Finding the really seminal posts will be an even greater challenge.

Two threads that I believe are really important are "The Aleph-X" and "UGS adventures". I would also go through the site and pick out Nelson Pass threads that present new DIY projects such as the Zens.

Amp advice

Hi every One,

Til this day I have been building tube amps.
I am now thinking to build a Pass Amp delivering clean 50-100W (75W perfect) into 4 ohms. Class A. Or maybe a 845 PP tube amp. Decisions, decisions.

My Magnepans (MG12QR) highlight the power limitation of my 15W Williamson. And I plan the purchase of a pair of MG3.6.

Which model would you recommend? Aleph-X or Aleph 5 (60W)? Of course, the amp has to have that sweet tube sound :D What else?

Thanks for your advice.