Favorite Threads and Posts in "Full Range"

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Favorite Threads and Posts in Full Range Forum

This permanent thread is a place for links to threads or posts in this particular forum that are useful and/or exemplify the best of DIY Audio.

This is so others- especially newer members can find them. Feel free to post with these links and a brief comment on what the thread discusses. Occasionally the moderators will consolidate them into fewer posts.
Great idea! Some of these threads can get a bit over-long for casual reading, so this should be a useful feature.

Here's my first choice anyway: a post by GM on the monster BIB thread. http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/showthread.php?postid=1190733#post1190733

For newcomers, the BIB is a tall and simple pipe-horn (a chamberless horn), with a single fold, that is both quick and cheap to build, and provides excellent sound. Length is set to 1/2 wavelength of the chosen tuning frequency, the driver positioned between 0.2 - 0.217 of the length. However, until Greg made the above post, trying to calculate the Vb (volume) of the horn was purely empirical -stick a best-guess set of figures into a modelleing programme and adjust from there. Now the ~optimal can be calculated via this simple formular within a few seconds from the driver T/S parameters.
The Spawn double horns

I have been watching the development of the Spawn double horns for a while. They are fairly big and from all reports very good enclosures. The designers are experienced and a few of the horns in the spawn family have had several design iterations.

I am dying to build some of these! :bawling:

Here is a post with some good pictures of the *smallest* variant:

It just occurred to me that I left out a few useful details from my previous post, so it didn't really do the Spawns justice. Sorry for the double post.

The Spawn family of horns has two lines which look similar externally, internally they work in different ways:

Harvey, Iris and Bruce are BVR (Big Vent Reflex) enclosures. This means they are not really horns, more like BR cabs with ridiculously long flared ports. This apparently allows them to combine the low frequency extension of a BR (Bass Reflex) without incurring the distortion BR cabs can introduce. The bass is excellent because the large mouths of the ports couple to a huge amount of air.

Mikasa, Hiro & Sachiko are slightly bigger enclosures which contain a long path stepped horn. Rather than having a smoothly flaring horn the profile grows in steps along its length. I am a little more fuzzy on how these work, but I think each step acts as a resonator to support a different frequency. These cabinets boast easy construction and a very long path length for the size of box.

The project is officially open source, so if you are into the whole free software thing :D that will get you going. It also means that you have the freedom to alter the plans, build it, re-post it and play a role in further development of the ideas. Some interesting curved versions of the horns have been built which are worth checking out. Development is still continuing and new designs keep popping up.

Last but not least, there is a website with plans, pictures and explanations of these horns.
(Although the best place to get the latest developments is the thread.)

See you around,
Cyburg's Needles are easy to make and sound great.

I've been listening to my Needles for four years now and I see that the thread is still going stong, stood the test of time :)

For anyone like me who is not a woodworker and wants some speakers that are very easy to make and sound great then this thread is the one to look through, the first pages have the plan, which has not been altered. It starts here: Needles Page One

The thread starts to get really interesting from here: http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/showthread.php?postid=643609#post643609 after one or two people have made some and are reporting their findings.

In the time that has elapsed since the first post a number of new drive units have come onto the market. The speaker is available as a kit, either Visaton or Tangband drivers plus plans plus components (not the timber) from Klang+Ton in Germany

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