Favorite Coupling caps in Preamp?


2012-10-09 11:25 am
Like for example you should be able to tell the difference pretty easily between an old fender blue and a mustard etc and comparing those to the Sozo/mallory/mojo etc, I mean its a strikingly audible difference to me, them damn Wima really impact and color sound too, those are more love/hate they just don't have the clarity I like, Orange drops are too bright very clear though, I just prefer mustard style, and the mallory150s Sozo/mojo all those sound kickass to me, that's just me though,
Don't forget that guitar amps are instruments, not reproducers. The distortion introduced by polyester caps (such as mustards) is welcomed here. It is conceivable that different makers use slightly different polyesters, and certainly different voltage specs will mean different thickness film so different amounts of non-linearity even witith the same substance.
JRGuitarGuy said:
But lots people don't believe couplings make any difference at all....not sure what they are smoking lol
In a well-designed hi-fi amp they shouldn't, because the right cap technology with the right value in the right place should be independent of brand.

In a guitar amp things are quite different. You choose to expose non-linearities or microphony (whether people realise this or not), then different brands may introduce different amounts of these non-ideal behaviours.

Problems come when people try to read across (in either direction) between these two different applications of audio electronics.
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