Faulty PPI PC4800


2013-02-22 10:13 am
Hi, sorry for my bad english, I'm from Russia. I recently bought an amplifier PPI PC4800 and faced a problem. I have processor system and going to use rear channels for the subwoofer, but when you turn on the low-pass filter, rear channels take sum of signals of all 4 RCA, so time delays of the subwoofer can not be adjusted. [IMGDEAD]http://radikale.ru/data/upload/69fda/ba193/57f956c495.jpg[/IMGDEAD] I need schematic diagram of crossover part to make this [IMGDEAD]http://radikale.ru/data/upload/ba193/c2184/2101d5aaac.jpg[/IMGDEAD], but I can't find it anywhere else. I hope you can help me.