Faulty Headphones?


2015-02-01 7:59 pm
Hi i have an old pair of sennheiser 590`s that have seen better days theyve been sat on a few times and put back together, im not certain they are working properly there is bass but its overshadowed by everything else, on a multimeter the resistance measures just under 100 ohms and differs slightly by around 2 ohms on one side, the original foam sheet that covered the drivers has long gone could that be why they sound quite bright? I tried a pair of momentum 2 headphones recently the bass was much more obvious than mine which is partly why im not sure they are damaged
Foam discs shouldn't make a major difference.

But if those are disintegrated, chances are earpads won't be in much better shape. (I eventually used tape around my old ones to keep them from flattening out entirely.) Those (complete with discs) should still be available (#77906/077906), while headband pads don't seem to be any more, so I'm happy I still got a new one a few years ago. Next time it'll be open up and refill time.

Make sure the cable is not intermittent (ground connection in particular - should be abot 1 ohm for all conductors), mine needed replacing after 10+ years. Twice, actually, it appears the first new cable was a dud. Number two has been holding up so far though.

100 ohms +/- a bit lines up with what I measured.

HD590s should be a bit bright though that is quite position-dependent. They should also have a mild bass hump (more so when not driven from a low-impedance source), with actual bass extension somewhat behind HD580/600 or the like. IIRC the original Momentums were quite short on treble, and the IIs are better but still not exactly super bright.

I got my HD590s over 14 years ago, and still use them on a daily basis. The grilles are a bit scuffed up by now, so maybe I should look around for a sample in better shape one of those days..