Fatman S-State 60


2015-08-05 11:17 pm
Does anyone have any experience of this amplifier ? The sales blurb just states " Specialist,proprietary electronics approach the valve sound"
Theres absolutely nothing on the net about this product other than Fatman's site and one review on Amazon that just says " Good" .
The Fatman site doesn't give much information either beyond 25 watts per channel but nothing on THD
or the impedence thats rated at.
Emailing the address on the website drew a blank too.
The form factor of the amp is pretty small but i kinda like the retro look and it's being sold on Amazon at a big discount at the moment.
Given the small size i 'm curious about the topology used A/B or possibly Class D ? either way the blurb raves about " approaching the valve sound" so i would imagine its been tweaked to be bass heavy and add some warmth i'm just a bit reluctant to hit " buy now " without at least hearing some opinions on it , anyone?


2015-08-05 11:17 pm
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Well i took a chance and bought one " blind " . Had it a week now and although the manual is as sparse as the Fatman product page specs are ~
Output power RMS 22 wattts per channel @ 10 % distortion ( Class D then :) )
F R 20 Hz - 20 KHz +/- 1.5 db
SNR 80 db
Harmonic Distortion 0.5 %
Input Sensitivity 1.0 V +/- 25 %
Output impedance 4 ohm

Not bad for the money if the style /size appeals seems to have a good filter zero hiss , nice rich fluid and defined bass excellent soundstaging and trebles not to " spitty " but it won't do poor recordings any favours.
Volume bass and treble are all digital .
Would like a look inside to find out which chip it's using but will have to wait untill the 30 day returns expired from the sound i'm thinking it may even be a Tripath .

Anyway just thought i'd put the spec's up as there is absolutely zilch anywhere else on the net :)

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