fastest pure-PCM DACs


2001-10-26 11:51 pm
b-square said:
The PCM1704 and the WM8740 (and probably others) have 8xFs modes for use with an external digital filter. In 8x mode they accept 768kHz sample rate, 24-bit samples. Neither chip is upsampling in this mode; that is assumed to have been done by the external filter, like the DF1704.

The PCM1704 has no interrnal filter.
I think I have to explain why I ask for highspeed PCM DACs in an audio forum. Quite a weird idea: If one tacted the DAC of a sample player with an analog VCO (variable frequency) one wouldn´t have to care about anti-aliasing and get a much fatter sound. In an online document from AD they describe architectures of highspeed DACs. They are segmented, but not delta-sigma. So there are at least 16-bitters in any desired speed.
Can this principle be realized?