FAST /WAW with Alpairs


2010-03-26 9:41 am

I know that there is a thread on the Tysen FAST speakers. Please see a similar application from a German manufacturer Audium AUDIUM Loudspeakers - Ideen die man hört. These speakers have been tested and reviewed with very favorable results.

I was wondering if similar concept could be done with for example with combining the Alpair fullrange driver(s) and the Alpair 10 basswide or the Markaudio Woofer No 6 for a cost-effective/low priced high-quality FAST speaker? Anyone up to the challenge?
The Mark Audio drivers lend themselves to FASTs.

Tonight i was working on ideas for a beast with an A7 & 4 CSS SDX7.

I have cabinets downstairs waiting for driver install & XO creation for a #6 woofer MTM. We are starting with FF85KeN, but will migrate the design to the A6.2 when we get some.

Another one is in the early conceptual stages. An OB with A12 and either 2 or 4 OB 10" woofers.

Just let you imagination go...



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2009-02-07 6:47 am
Davis, CA
I've already tried the A6s on OB.... sounded pretty nice.... although they need some EQ to get to 150 Hz. They are then playing at their limits and it is just cruel to expect loud levels from them. That said, they sounded very nice... neutral and warm, a near faultless presentation.

I have the A12s currently on the OB, yet to form an opinion. They do play louder though.


2005-01-25 11:16 am

I heard it last saturday and enjoyed it very much! :) A very good example of the advantages of a FAST, great midrange and treble, seamlessly integrated with strong bass and overall solid powerhandling (it was a DIY-gathering in a hall in a community center). It had some stiff competition from various multiway, fullrange and coaxial speakers and it was really, really good. Considering some of the stiff competition was also from Henkjan featuring various wideband drivers, I am co-blaming Henkjan and the Alpairs for the good result. :D