Fast Action = Image Tearing?

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So far the projection from my Infocus Powerview 820 is looking great... except when there is really fast action like you have in close-up hand-to-hand combat with lots of quick cuts and pans.

When the action gets really fast like this I see "tearing" in the image. By "tearing" I mean the picture splits slightly along several horizontal and vertical lines. This is a very fleeting effect, but it really ruins some of those exciting action scenes... if the motion is really fast it's hard to make out what's going on for a second.

I've read on these panels that the PowerView 820 is the "latest generation" LCD panel technology with 16M colors and a good response time, so is it possible something is wrong with my unit? Or is this just something us LCD panel users are going to have to live with? Does anyone else get this tearing or splitting effect on their panels during fast action scenes?

Here is my setup:

DVD -> S-Video -> TV-4000 (@800x600) -> VGA -> PowerView 820

Good timing - I just checked that about an hour ago. I connected the Same DVD -> S-Video -> TV-4000 (@800x600) -> VGA output to my 21" Sony Trinitron monitor... picture looked fantastic even during the most fast & furious action scenes of "Gladiator."

So, it's definitely not the TV-4000 - it's got to be the PowerView 820.

Any other ideas?

Or, has anyone else experienced the previously described tearing or splitting effect during fast action? (With the PowerView 820 or other panels?)
Is this problem limited to panels with resolutions higher than 640x480? I've got 2 Powerview 820's and they both do the same thing, so I've ruled out the possibility of a defect.

I said before that the "splits" or "tears" show up as horizontal and vertical lines... upon closer inspection I'm going to modify that... the lines are only horizontal.

I've also noticed that these horizontal splits are noticeable (although very slight) when the motion is not actually that fast. When a large, dark shape moves horizontally past a light background (or vice versa), looking along the vertical edges of that dark object the edge gets a "jaggy" look to it where some tiny horizontal "splits" develop.

I've noticed it sometimes during cuts... for a split second (like one frame) I can see that half of the picture (say, the top half) is from the previous cut whereas the other half (say, the bottom half) is from the next cut.

Even during *slow* pans of very detailed scenes, certain areas of high contrast show very slight signs of the effect.

Are there any 800x600 or 1024X768 panels out there that do not do this?

I've also got an nView Z310... it does something quite different during fast action. Most of the picture will temporarily degrade into what looks like lowered horizontal resolution. If I look closely the image gets divided up into vertical lines - not really lines, more like the vertical columns of pixels get double-sized or something.

I'm very, very surprised that I haven't found other people on this forum compaining and asking about effects like this. Is it because most of us are willing to live with them, understanding that we've built our projection system for cheap?

I'm frustrated with this. My image looks great, but not during fast action - not with either of my two panels. Someone please reply with more helpful information. Maybe someone with a PowerView 820 or an nView Z310, or some other panel with higher than 640x480 res.
Oh, that horizontal flicker... That is just because of the low resolution of the 640x480 panels. Yeah, I notice it too sometimes, but it certainly doesn't bother me. With a 800x600 panel that does go away.

From your statements, it sounds like the Z310 is a slow panel. It doesn't refresh fast enough to display all the info, so you get pixels that are repeated.

While 640x480 do have the horizontal flicker problem, it is much better than wathcing S-video on an 800x600 panel/projector. The interpolation looks pretty bad, and makes the whole picture look out of focus. (unless driven by a HTPC).

What does bug me about these panels is the inconsistent color. I have a dukane 4000. The tiny fresnel spot and other brightness inconsistencies sometimes drive me nuts.
PlasmaSMP... I believe you overlooked something in my setup. I am running my DVD player thru a TV-4000 which sends a very clean 800x600 signal (as evidenced on my 21" Trinitron monitor) to my panel. There is no interpolation necessary that the panel is having to perform. The PowerView 820 has a native resolution of 800x600. Things should be pretty close to ideal for the panel as far as the information it is receiving.

Do any other PV 820 users get the same horizontal splitting effect that I am getting during fast action or panning between 2 areas of high contrast?

Again, I have 2 PV 820's and they both do the same thing - so I know it's not a defective panel...
Breaking News

Well, for the first time I had my OHP/Panel running for a substantial amount of time - about an hour and a half. (I'm getting close to having my system finished enough for real viewing.) Before last night I had only run it for maybe fifteen mintutes tops.

Guess what? For some reason the horizontal splitting effect greatly reduced itself after a while... it's much more subtle now that it was before. Is it possible that the splitting effect subsides after the panel heats up, reaching "full operating temperature," if you will?

Can any other 820 users or any other panel owners back up these results?

Anyhow - this is good news.
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