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Ok after trying to read and keep track of all these threads and so on... anybody willing to tackle a FAQ? I really dont want to, but if nobody else volunters... i guess I will... would be a good..." What do i do if" or "where do i ask", or "what do you think of"... eliminate alot of the already answered questions... I hae asked alot of questions that have already been asnwered.. ( and after rescaning boards seen i screwed up)...a FAQ may eliminate some of this... --IF-- I do this i would expect some help from some of the long time people...( but again as i say.. I would think somebody else may be a better canidate)... any thoughts on this?

Well i have started on a FAQ and there is ALOT more infor then
I thought in this forum. I was hopeing somebody who was a bit more knowlegeable in a few areas might help me out with a
couple of my weak spots.

I think i can handle:

LCD- (Mostley just info from boards)

LIGHTING- (would like help with explaining with how light works
and what types work (color spectrum and so on)) more of the
mecanics of how lighitng works. I can handle listing the types
and what people have used.

OPTICS- Im thinking this would be sorta 2 part, the fresnal and
then the lense. I know nothing about either, so any help with
how they work and so on.

REFLECTORS- not sure on this one, lots of info in forums so
should be ok.

SCREENS- well there is not alot of info out there on what you
guys are using for screens and how good they work.

SO here is the Deal, i know my spelling sucks (thats what spell checkers are for). I know that some of the above info is on the boards and i will pull all the info i can find from them. BUT! I was hopeing somebody who knows alot about some of these would maybe be able to look over what im putting in the FAQ before i release it so bad information, or missing information is taken care of. SO now before you offer to help please bear in mind a couple of things. 1: This is going to take some time (my part) to read all this info and get it in some readable format. What this means is, if you offer to help, it may be awhile before you have anything to help with. 2: Dont offer to help unless you mean it, too many people say "i want to help" and never have time or are around (I know becuase I have done it myself).. Im not saying this is going ot take HOURS AND HOURS of your time.. just please have an hour or 2 to read over my rough draft.. point out mistakes, and add any info you think it needs.. This may have to be done 2-3 times.. so worst case im talking 2-6 hours of your time (not all at once) over a few weeks-months time...

Also in the next couple days i will drop a BASIC LAYOUT of the FAQ here. I was hopeing to get Ideas on what to include, how to break things up and so on..I have never done a FAQ (but have read alot of them) so I hope it will be somthing that wont let down the dedicated people here.

Last thing.. dont expect a FAQ in the next few days.. depending on how much help i get (or need) and how hard this..It could take a week or two up to a month for a rough readable draft..But who knows.. it might be a day or two..I have no idea. Heck it took me a couple nights to fast scan through all the messages on the board, not to mention the websites and so on.

Hi, I don't know if I'm in the right forum, just saw the topic about building a projector and would like to ask this question please, which is, I use a laptop to play music and I am looking for a very cheap projector of some sort that will simply project the laptop's sceen images unto a wall,any advice anyone? Such as, is this thread what I am looking for? If so, I will go read everything here, I do not want to spend all that time to go reading up on everything here if it's not what i am looking for, please advise, thanks.
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