Fane Titan


2010-10-31 10:57 am
Fane/Wharfedale Titan 18"

Could it be a driver from the Wharfedale Titan range, as Fane and Wharfedale were part of the same company and manufactured on the same site in Leeds during the nineties? I'm not sure, but I would imagine that Fane are still used in Wharfedales PA side today. I did have a look, but Wharfedale's range only goes up to a Titan 15" sub. It may be worth ringing Wharfedale or Fane themselves.
Wow, completely forgot about this thread so my apologies to "ampimp" for not replying to your question.
To answer it; it has a cast frame.
I now have a Dayton DATS so I have the T/S parameters.

I am looking either for an identical driver so I have a pair, or to sell the one I have if I cannot find another. They have a QTS of over 1 so would be interesting for an open baffle sub.