Fane 12-300 vs P.Audio E12-300S in a two way 12" monitor

So I am about to start another assembly of a pair of 50l monitors with my standard outer dimensions of 40*60*30cm (this fits my furniture and storage area).

This will be my third 12" monitor, the first one was a Fane fullrange, the second was a Eminence coaxial, both projects made of 18mm pinewood and Im happy with both but this time I want to try plywood to reduce resonance, and create a regular two-way design to achieve a more flat response. I aim for efficiency and flat response and retro looks. Deep bass is not important but 50-60hZ should be audible (-10dB). High SPL is a bonus. Lower price range PA drivers usually fits me best (lower expectations and all that right).

I have a spare Eminence APT80 horn which I want to use, so I need a LF driver that can play up to 3,5kHz and preferably with a nice roll off for a simple crossover design to fit the APT. Of course I need a LPAD on the HF, maybe 10dB.

As I was happy with the Eminence Beta 12 CX I have looked at other Eminence 12" drivers but they all have ugly breakups in the crossover area recommended for the APT80 so I figured to look further. I was also happy with the Fane fullrange and I have good experience with P.Audio from earlier so I have nominated the following options:

Fane 12-300: 300watt, 97,5dB, 45-4500Hz.
P.Audio E12-300S: 300watt, 95dB 50-4000Hz.

Both looks rugged and have decent XMax and a smooth rolloff in the upper midrange. P.Audio have a monster magnet for whatever that is worth. Price is the same where I live.

They look rather equal so I would rather have some advice from someone with first hand experience with these, so please shoot thanks.
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