Famous 50w amplifier, with more MJ2955 2N3055

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I present to 50w amplifier Silicon-chip is very good amplifier. This company has excellent design and electronics, then I give you images to q dare to put it together:

Original link:
Silicon Chip Online - The SC480 50W RMS Amplifier Module - Part 1

Schematic diagram:

Real PCB:

More PCB components:

Amplifier PCB:

Diagram of the power supply:

More fuentre PCB components:

PCB source:

Actual PCB source:

Full liaison amplifier:

PS: The size of the PCB is: 11.72 inches high and 14.71 inches wide. In case you do not check yourself trust.

For the coil there are programs on the Internet that you can generate the data; Luck. .
Example: Pronine Electronics Design - Multilayer Air Core Inductor Calculator
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