Fake videos

I guess it is probably to attarct viewers to increase YT view count and earn some money ?

YT should have option to rate such videos negative so no money can be earned and video removed. It does have filters/criteria for view count, view duration etc.
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What I can't understand, is how some unskilled people may thing that it is possible to do. It is clearly a fraud. If not, nobody pay for the energy at their outlets.
As an Engineer, it bothers me deeply how unskilled are cheated by those stupid youtubers. Note that not all youtubers are stupid, I learned too much about cooking, for example fro youtube videos and is a valuable tool when properly used.
what am saying is these are deliberate controversial videos. They intentionally give such titles and videos. You all may have noticed they deliberately put contentious or surprising thumbnails on YT to attract views on sidebar.

The method is also followed on mobile app video platforms like tiktok which gives money by generating targeted ads by inviting watching person to click likes and shares. On tiktok also people put some silly stuff etc. Apparently Tiktok become most downloded app.

It is best to avoid such things.

Note that not all youtubers are stupid
I should very much like to stress that fact.

My son makes his living producing serious YouTube content related to the music industry, physics and electronics.

He is currently over in the States producing videos at the 2020 NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) Show which is taking place in Anaheim, California.

Most of us on this forum are sufficiently educated to tell the difference between real and fake technical video content. Let the unaware beware! ;)
We have a scientific background of some kind and we seem to agree that this rather innocent video shows a fake phenomenon. We have a basis for doubting and rejecting the postulate we are shown.
I agree with Oswaldo that the danger is when we are exposed to "truth" that is not within our expertise and where refuting postulates become much more difficult. Oswaldo mentions relevant topics and I will add issues of political nature without being more specific.
I will also agree with Galu that a large part of what is on YT is very serious and substantially correct. I often use YT for information.

In the future, YT or similar will exist and probably grow. On top of that, a myriad of forums and homepages that most often bring unverified "facts". We will only have those around us to help figuring out if it is true, partly true or regular fake.
A tendency that worries me is an increasing number of young people, in a more and more complex world, who rather blindly follow "influencers" and idols without second thought. When these "influencers" and idols have own interests hidden from their apparent agenda, the followers and fans can really be manipulated.


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Of course, the plug only has to hide the wires through the wood and the table (wired in the jump-cut) to a wall outlet.

If it actually worked as shown then there is no need for a plug, right? He could "solder" or clamp the coil to the lamp base.
There's also a large part of YT that caters to those who savor what I for one cant understand. At all.

Read an article about a local fellow who went from a depressed teen to YT millionaire - kind of a nice story, actually. He rents commercial property, has employees working in various departments and puts something up weekly. 10's of thousands of views within the hour, they say.

I watched one of these and I have to say, I dont get it. I fully cannot understand how this ones product has any appeal to anyone whatsoever, yet he's a millionaire and I'm not. There's valuable content on YT that generations who came up to speed w/o any of today's widespread electronic entertainments cannot understand, but the newer generations can. And fiction vs scientific truth isnt even a considerable element.