fake LM3886 ?

Today I bought 6 LM3886T chips at my local electronic parts store, but when I came home, I found that one chip differs from the others.

First 5 chips have National logo and JM16AK written in first row, and LM3886T in the second. Something like this:

:) JM16AK
LM3886T (smiley represents the National logo)

The 6th chip has no National logo and the writing looks something like this:


Should I expect that this chip won't have the same performance as the others ?

Now I wonder if the other 5 chips are originals :confused:


2006-01-29 10:09 pm
I work in the electronic manufactor industri, and i must say that it's a bit surprising sometimes how many chip's it is out there whitch is fake.

We dont have the LM3886 or any other audio chip in our product's, but it is werry common for example, that the Dallas DS1621, must be returned back to our suppliers.

Somehow (and i would guess it's mostly in China) people find it worth the time and cost's to take old ic's, remove the label and then print on something new.

Werry often you can see witch is fake and witch is'nt, but they come in sticks and we does'nt open them until we put them in the machine.

So this is a big problem, both for gigant chips like the 3886, down to small chips like surface mounted DS1621 in a SO8 package...