Fake blackgate?


2019-10-26 9:56 am
which one is a fake?
The small one the size leght just 23mm the big one the size leght is 25mm?so wich one is fake???
I hope the 10,000µF 400V Hitachi FX2's I bought a while back weren't fake - I have assembled my can crusher now and they seem to have formed nicely to 400V and hold the expected amount of charge. 3.2kJ is a lot of energy :)

Given the price of Blackgates now I'm not surprised they are faked... Pair of 10,000µF 63V for $2200 ? Really?? [ resists urge to try and sell them as "FX2 the new blackgate" ]
As long as people are dumb enough to think they make a difference they will be sold. Just another example of the stupidity tax that audiophiles love to pay. As far as Im concerned there all fake.

I never buy parts from FleaPray, only from established and trusted distributors.
But I guess a lot of people seem to think that site's good for bargains and shopping.
It's like playing Russian Roulette.
I don't want to have to wonder and ask around if parts are "good" or "real".
Even a NOS genuine part has now been storage for decades, so very dubious quality
Blackgates never did deserve the reputation they had anyway. Highest failure rate I've ever seen (doesn't matter which line), they were always bigger physically, (so amateurs made a mess installing), and cost to performance was terrible.
Just buy good, low ESR caps from Digikey or Mouser and save the aggravation.
I don't want to have to wonder and ask around if parts are "good" or "real".