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Faital Pro wholesale low prices

I am new here, but I have a few amazing deals to offer. I will be displaying two items that I have for sale, but I have access to all the items from the Faital pro brand. I will do whatever necessary to ensure trust from buyers. I will upload actual pictures of the items and provide links to the manufacturers site. I will provide to prices, my own price, and the retail price listed on USspeakers.com.

I am open to making sales one at a time through paypal to show legitimacy and transparency in all sales with tracked packages.

FAITAL PRO W6N8-120 - 6.5" MIDRANGE SPEAKER $65-75 USD - 106 retail

FaitalPRO - Neodymium Professional Drivers

FAITAL PRO HF10AT - 1" PRO NEO H.F. DRIVER $130-140 USD- 178 retail

FaitalPRO - Neodymium Professional Drivers