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F5 for sale UK

Have decided to sell my F5 to fund next amp project.

Built using Diyaudio V2 boards.

Substantial casework and heatsinks(350 x 150)

Looks really good (I think)

Running nicely with stable bias and low offset.

Difficult to value but caseworks and heatsinks alone cost a tidy sum

I think £400 is fair

Welcome to view/listen.


  • F5front1.JPG
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  • F5right channel.JPG
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Not quite sure what info you want but basically is diyaudio V2 build with diyaudio diode boards diodes bolted to chassis, 24 volt rails, 2 x 22000uf per rail per amp total 176000uf on First Watt power board. Mosfets are 240 9240 as recommended and amp boards are cViller V2.0
Caseworks is very substantial warm to the touch but not hot after hours of use.
Any more info let me know.