F5 for 200W, 4ohm speakers & home cinema setup help...

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Hi All,

Any and all advice/feedback welcome.


Firstly, I love both music and movies. I have a 6.1 setup (or will have).

I am looking to set up my new home audio & home theatre system.

I want some monoblocks to power the floorstanders for my audio listening but then another few amps to run the centre and the three surround back speakers (left, right, middle) for movie and gaming.

I started researching amps and my budget got blown out of the water. Then I found that 'less is more' in amps and thought, since I have experience with circuits/electronics, I could (simply) make my own.

I want to go Class A because of the better sound and signal processing. I'm not worried about the heat or inefficieny. Sound is my primary concern!!

And here I am. So here's my setup:


- PS3 (also used for blu ray)
- Apple TV


- All from Krix Australia (www.krix.com.au)
- Floorstanders: Neuphonix (max 200W rms, nominally 4 ohm, 90dB sensitivity)
- Centre: Epicentrix (max 200W rms, nominally 4 ohm, 90dB sens)
- Surround Back Left/Right: KDX Main (max 110W rms, nominally 6 ohm, 89dB sens)
- Rear centre: Centrix (max 110W rms, nominally 6 ohm, 89dB sens)


I'll need a preamp/processor to decode THX, DTS, Dolby HD etc. and use as a switch between sources. Maybe some gain. The ones I have seen have XLR line out. Also will use for volume control.


My research has led me to the Nelson Pass F5 for the floorstanders and centre speaker.


- Will the F5 be powerful enough for these speakers as I see the output on Firstwat.com is 40W to 4 ohm? I do like to crank up the volume for movies and music, you see, to the point you can't hear when being yelled at by someone - as a rough guide - during loud scene or rock song.
- Does that setup for the front 3 speakers sound like a good idea?
- Can I build the F5 with an XLR line in?
- Do you have some DIY amplifer suggestions for the back 3 speakers? Should I make a three channel amp with the one power supply?
- Are there other suggestions for the front speakers apart from an F5 that you may think is more suitable to my needs or to these speakers?
- Can you build the F5 to get more power out? If so what effect will that have on the circuit?
- F5 Turbo is not on the firstpass website. Does anyone know anything about that?
- Should I go for an Aleph 4 amp instead given the high power out?

Thanks all for taking the time to read and maybe respond.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.