F3 and 90db speakers and passive preamp??

Hello folks,
I have a chance to dip my toes in the first watt (clone) waters. An F3 clone to be exact. My concerns are this; will this amp drive my 90db Nola Boxer 2's,and would this work with my Promitheous Audio passive preamp? I am currently running a pair of Monarchy Audio SM70mkII amps. My listening room is approximately 9x13 with 8ft ceiling. A loud listening session for my is about 85-90db. I am seated about 6ft away from my Nola's. Any insight you folks can share would be greatly appreciated.

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2013-09-06 9:35 am
Was that 85dB to 90dB average or peak loudness?
Assuming average loudness level then your average power requirement is less than 1Watt so it would certainly be ok power-wise.
However the damping factor is not great so the F3 tends to be a little more suited to full range drivers or driving the mids/tweeter in a biamp setup. Without seeing an impedance curve of your speakers it's hard to say how suited they would be. Power shouldn't be an issue though.

The safest bet would be F5, M2, F6, J2, AlephJ, before the F3.
F3 should be ok but the other amps are a better match.
However I quite enjoy listening to my ACA amp on 90 dB speakers sitting at the computer, but I'm only sitting 4 feet away. Best advice is to get an audition.
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