F/S Rockford Fosgate 10" Subwoofer

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Considering the business you're in, I'm surprised you don't have a woofer tester or similar. Anyway, I emailed them about this, though after I sent it, I noticed a tidbit in the manual about the drivers being 'application specific/optimized', so might want to measure 'Re' to see if it's really a fractional ohm one.

Is the Parts Express WTF 3 the best choice ?

For your purposes, yes. Takes a few seconds to test a driver. I suggest just taking a few drivers out, running a low frequency signal through them for a few minutes that's high enough to get significant excursion, let them cool down a bit, then use the WT3 to measure their t/s parameters (Qts, Qes, Qms, Fs, Re).

You'll need a test box to measure Vas (I recommend the test volume method, not the added-mass method).

The WT3 will not be able to measure Xmax.
Guess your right, should step up to the plate and buy a woofer tester
since I get offered drivers all the time.
Is the Parts Express WTF 3 the best choice ?

Hope I didn't make a major mistake, bought 300 of the Rockford Fosgate
drivers(big investment)
Also if they answer please post there response.


The Smith & Larson Woofer Tester II is a little nicer/more accurate, but to be honest, either should work.
I just picked up a good quantity of a 300W RMS - 4 Ohm - 10"
Freq response 24-250Hz for sealed enclosure subwoofers
These are just the speakers that fit in the R300-10 enclosures
These are new surplus.
Rockford Fosgate R300-10 Powered Subwoofers - Car Subwoofers at Onlinecarstereo.com

Price $29.95ea

Steve @ Apex Jr.
[email protected]

Ooooh. The amplifier may be designed to drive very low impedance loads so it doesn't have to have a switching power supply. 0.36 ohms is probably correct; Kicker (Stillwater Designs) had a similar subwoofer system in the mid 1990's with a 0.5 ohm 10" driver.

I hope I'm wrong, but I'll bet I'm not. :eek:
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