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F/S Pioneer DEX-p9r and DEQ-p9


2010-10-29 5:55 pm
Got a this combo of Headunit and equalizer, DEX-p9r and DEQ-p9.
DEX' got few scratches on the display, not deep scratches. But its also some year old now :) . been owner of it for 3 years now.
The DEQ is bought about february this year from store. And only been tested in car for short time.

This products is High end stuff

Reason for sell, for people who got interest in it, is because of losing interest in competition in stereo, and just want less in the car.

Got all cables for wiring, Bus cables etc.
incl Phono cables for deq to amplifier (4 cables on 0.5m-1m).

Im interested in offered from 550euro+ not included shipping.

shipping can be done world wide.