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F.S. EV, TTLS, McIntosh

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TTLS, DIY Spud, Lascala, various horns

Qty 2 PRV wg45 horns like new Price $50.00 for both-could be shipped

Amazon.com: PRV Audio WG45-50 2" 90 x 40 ABS Waveguide 4-Bolt: Musical Instruments

Qty 2 EV HP9040 $100.00 for the pair-Local pickup

Qty 1 Jamboree cab free

Qty 1 Jamborette cab Free

Please feel free to ask any questions or throw tomatoes, have a nice day.

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Pm me for more pics or offers.


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Faitals added to the group

I was just thinking,

If anyone wants just the drivers or the horns, it would be $250.00 for a pair of horns or $250.00 for a pair of drivers.

If I sell just the horns, I would have a pair of Faitals pro hf200 I would sell for $350.00. The Faitals are like new, barely been used and are the 16 ohm version. If you wanted to put the Faitals on the EV horns I would make a deal and sell for $550.00.

Thanks for looking.
I thought I would try and sweeten the deal. Just about a complete home theater setup.

Through in the Behringer Inuke1000dsp for $125.00-like new
Totaling $1525.00 if someone was to do local pick up on all the gear I would through in a Jamboree single I built housing 2-k33's. Build yourself one more Jamboree and pick a Minidsp and you have yourself a complete 2 channel system for $1525.00.

I even have a pair of Drifts that are a diy experiment by Dave Harris at Fastlane Audio. They house a 10" woofer with his conical tweeter and selenium driver and crossover. These were built like a pro surround speaker with a 15 degree downward angle. Throw those in we'll keep it and even $1750.00.

Heck one could cut the Jamboree in half and have their Left and right speaker right there. Come up with a center of some sort you have a complete surround sound.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.