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F/S 1000 watt sub amps (4) units only


2009-11-15 12:18 am
Good Morning...

I have uncovered in my lab 4 X BRAND NEW of these 1000 watt sub woofer amps. These were the earlier version of this amp (Dayton SPA1000 1000W Subwoofer Plate Amplifier | Parts-Express.com) and they work exceptionally well.

These have been QA'd and are packed in the box ready to ship. I had some quality issues with these many years back - but these 4 are the earlier version and they work quite well. This is a very powerful amp and use a Tracking Down Converter style topology and power supply...

I believe a real good price will be $150 each...

Many thanks,


PS - please note that my photo is the Parts Express variant - and my amps are NOT labeled as such. Thank You...


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