EZ1073 build


2006-01-05 9:44 pm

I was doing a build for my friend who owns a studio. It's not a pure DIY, just assembling and calibration of EZ1073 which is a clone of AMS Neve 1073. It was a fun built. I was quite nervous because there are a lot of components and big chance of problems. Opamps are realised with discrete components. I was focusing on making real good solder joints so at the end I was really happy because the preamp just worked fine when I turned it on.

When powered up I had to check out and set up some voltage levels such as phantom power and make sure nothing is overheating etc. Later I applied a reference signal and observed the output and everything was fine. After some time of usage my friend reported me some issues with rotary switch when changing attenuation/gain of input stages.

I had to do some debugging and found out there was just some bad solder joint on the switch. By the way... great thing is I have PoScopeMega1 USB oscilloscope that is great tool and I could measure and generate signals for debugging purposes easily.


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