Extinction Level Event: 5G. Death by the trillions

Many years ago, I was heavily involved in getting a number of radio microphones through the MPT, and later ETSI regulations.

2mW for a hand held device, and 10mW for a body worn device (if I remember correctly).

These were very strictly enforced, as any higher RF power was deemed likely to be damaging to living tissue.

How come 5G are allowed to use 20W? What has changed?

First climate change is an oncoming threat. Not anything to do with man made C02. The poles are flipping and the sun is in a minimum phase that could be the start of a new ice age. These are things we have little control over. However the 5G, smart grid internet of things is an oncoming self inflicted human disaster that should have saint Greta screaming her lungs out about. Not only are microwaves biologically hazardous beyond their heating effects, but the surveillance and control that will come with the 5G grid will usher in a technocratic tyranny the like of which Orwell and Huxley only hinted at. The end game is merging man with machine. Unfortunately most people have their backsides in the air and their hands on their strokey phones. So the corporate state and the telecoms industry are riding rough shod over safety and civil liberties. They have admitted that there have been no independent studies to show 5G is safe and that we are "flying blind". What we do have are thousands of peer reviewed studies showing how dangerous the kind of emfs that are being used (3G, 4G)and will be used in 5G. The ultimate roll out of 5G will employ mm wavelengths that are very biologically active. Indeed WiGig at 60GHz, is the resonant frequency of the oxygen molecule. 95GHz is currently being used as a weapon in civil and military defence. So unless we call a halt to this self destructive madness, we may welcome an oncoming ice age to put us out of our misery....
Wilful ignorance is the downfall of the cultural human. We so easily trade health and well being of ourselves, our children and our environment for convenience, novelty and short term gain. There's studies since the 1930s showing how dangerous microwaves can be, but hey, who cares, keep on stroking your electronic comforters....
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tinfoil hat brigade is out in force today. Can you please cite these studies as, other than specific frequencies (such as say the resonance of water) microwaves at sane powers are not an issue. wherever you walked in a town or city years ago there would have been 17GHz and 38GHz at serious ERPs right above your head and no one seemed to moan about those. Not seen any stats on death due to living near the BT tower in london caused by trunk lines terminating there.
There aren't a trillion people on Earth...
As i read it, the article refers to a trillion devices.

An easy answer, that contributes to a slowing of forced technology without consultation, is to jump off the proprietary software surveillance bandwagon today, agreed to by yourself by that softwares EULA, instead by choosing to use free software.

You are then returning software and ultimately technology itself back to the community to further develop with a ethical social system, rather than being licensed to other silent players who then control the users.

If they cannot survey you, then they won't need the infrastructure to support further surveillance like 5G
95GHz is currently being used as a weapon in civil and military defence.
Matt's right, but the weapon is claimed to be non-lethal, acting only as a deterrent.


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billshurv. There are no stats about the effects of emf in the field causing ill health and death because no one is looking for it. How many people have cancer these days, often visited upon them out of the blue? Here are some references to peer reviewed studies Scientific studies on EMFs - Powerwatch. There is much more if you choose to look. Lloyds will not insure emf technologies, Swiss Re say "Existing concerns regarding potential negative health effects from electromagnetic fields (EMF) are only likely to increase. An uptick in liability claims could be a potential long-term consequence."
Remember, thermal effects are not the biggest issue because that is more understood and controllable. It's the resonant ,biochemical effects that are the most pernicious. Interference with cell membrane calcium channel voltage gating is an identified mechanism of emf effect that has been identified. This has multiple consequences on cell and tissue metabolism.
Perhaps you can offer some references to independent safety studies for 5G?
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Actually people ARE looking for it, and so far have found nothing. Doesn't stop the nut brigade claiming things and trying to sell you snake oil to protect yourself Products - EMFields Solutions

When I worked in the cellular industry my boss had 9 kids. Should I claim radiation increases fertility?

If you want someone to be scared of, be scared of Facebook and google as they really DO track your every move. Telcos are too inept to be able to do that.

Oh and shout at every Tesla owner behind you as you get a nice blast of 77GHz radar