External triggering PicoScope 2205A


2011-02-12 10:20 am
About 2 years ago I purchased a software 2 channel PicoScope 2205A.
During the use I got more and more annoyed about the lack of an external triggering possibility.
Have to sacrifice 1 channel for that so in fact in stead of having a 2 channel, I have a 1 channel software scope.
Hardware scopes (analogue or digital), with 2 channels also have the possibility of external triggering saving the 2 channels for doing the measurements.
This PicoScope 2205A has an AWG output. Is there a possibility to hack this scope and use the AWG for doing the triggering?
Have put this question on the PicoScope user forum but got zero responses.


2011-02-12 10:20 am
PicoTech has terrible service and seldom answers any questions out side of their comfort zone. At least my experience.
I have a relative expencive 5444 scope (as well as a 2205) and it does not have external trigger either. But luckily I have four channels so it's not so critical.
The AWG is just an output.

Now I finally got a response of a PicoScope staff member:

"You can't connect the Signal Generator internally to the PicoScope, so the only way to use it would be to connect it to an input channel. The only way to not
have to use an input channel would be to use an external trigger input instead of a Signal channel input, but the 2205A does not have an external trigger input.

We do have PicoScopes that have external trigger inputs but the PicoScope that you have is an entry level PicoScope aimed at people that want the
features of a scope at low cost, so it has some limits on it's capability. Unfortunately, you would have to upgrade your PicoScope to do what you ask."

I am now considering to purchase a simple 2channel
digital oscilloscope with ext. triggering available.
NOT another PicoScope version.