External SC - priority on digital out and line ine.


diyAudio Moderator Emeritus
2003-05-17 9:08 pm
You know that feeling when you're reseaching a product, you've gone through muddled threads, and you reach that point where your search for clarity has just ended in more questions. Well I've reached that frustrating point!

I'm looking for an external soundcard. Budget is £150. I only want it for SPDIF coax (to go into my shiny new Peter Daniel DAC) and line in (for my mic preamp) to be used with a Laptop. Good analogue outs are secondary to these really.

Laptop recordings are occassional and the unit will be moved between my main audio pc and laptop as needed. I'm also planning a custom fanless audio server and custom chassis - but thats another story ;) )

Laptop has both FW 400 and USB 2.

Any opinions on the M-Audio FireWire Audiophile or other suggestions?