Explain this crossover


2004-10-01 6:28 pm
Hello all, could someone explain this highpass XO for me. I know its a 3rd order, but what does R1 do. Dont you normally need 2 resisitors for a pad? And why are C1 and C2 the same value? The crossover is from an Adire kit, that I want to use a different tweeter on. The XO freq is 3500hz.


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diyAudio Moderator Emeritus
2002-10-24 10:19 pm
The ratio of the caps' value is an indication of the sharpness of the crossover rolloff.

If you're thinking about using this crossover for a different driver, you're heading in a bad direction, potentiometer or no potentiometer. What you need to do is, using the actual impedance and SPL data of the original tweeter, determine what the electrical and acoustic response near the crossover region look like. Then your task is to duplicate it with a different tweeter. Doing it right will not be trivial, but with real data and a good command of a speaker CAD program, it is possible.