Experience with Vifa NE123W?

This is a relatively new driver, a 4 inch "wide band woofer" which would probably be suitable as a midrange, which is what I'm considering. Anyone have any experience or opinion? The physical configuration looks to be a smaller knock-off of the Satori MW13P with not quite as elegant a finish, but with some of the same functional features.

I'm looking for a really good 4" midrange (who isn't?) after struggling with some mediocre polypro cone drivers for too many years.

Tom E
Used 2 of them in a Jim Holtz/ Curt Campbell Finalist centre.
Like the sound very much. Turned the mains off and impressed by the centre alone. The designers seem to really like them.


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Thanks, D, I had a look at the Wavecor. What characteristic makes it a better choice? FR looks a little peaky, while efficiency, power handling, general specs appear to be about the same. Not trying to start an argument. We all have our favorites. Just wondering if there is a particular quality I'm missing. Sound great?

I like the physical configuration of the Vifa driver with its small neodymium magnet to cause fewer reflections of the back wave. Are you aware of any negatives?

Bonus: I can buy the Vifa driver from Madisound, in my home town. I've known Larry, the owner, for over 50 years and about a dozen speaker builds. Is the Wavecor readily available?

Tom E


2011-01-30 5:56 pm
I used 2 in an MTM config with dayton RS28A. The 4 samples I got measured slightly different in 9k range and made a small difference in the modelled crossover response. I didn't get around to measuring the final result though. I think I may have gotten early production units but in any case they sounded very good. I'm not as big a fan of the larger units in the series but the 123 sound very detailed and natural.
Responding now to my own question.

Just completed a pair of mid/tweet boxes with a pair of the NE123W in each box.

After only a few hours of break-in, holy cow, these things are awesome. Such detail without any brightness. Well, perhaps just a bit of peakiness when running without an xover on the top end, so that can be easily fixed. I am using them for mids with a 1st order passive line level HP @ 400. I have never heard voices with such clarity and dynamics. I am reminded of Quads and other electrostatics.

This is just a dynamite driver.

Tom E