Existing box, design to accept driver

There has been excellent innovation using Ikea bowls and furniture parts to make speakers ...

There is another Ikea box which is just crying out to be made into a desktop or bookshelf speaker, and would require very little woodworking to produce a high quality finish.......
There is also a matching chopping board which would make a perfect front baffle
APTITLIG Chopping board - IKEA

The finish is lovely as it stands, and would grace any desktop with just a lick of oil or polish.

One could just go ahead and fit a driver, but it would be good to "design in reverse", ie to design internal back loading or to tune the enclosure to produce a satisfactory theoretical response, before proceeding to build. The dimensions are not a million miles away from the Woden Lance or the ufonken and mfonken.

The challenge..........

Take an existing box of given dimension, and design suitable baffles, ports etc to fit inside, with the purpose of reducing box volume, strengthening, tuning etc to produce a transmission line or bass reflex design, accepting a driver such as the FF85WK or Alpair 7, hence producing a quality speaker at minimal cost, with good looks, and therefore accessible to many diy-interested people who can get to Ikea!

Any takers?

PS Ikea also do a pack of 3 chopping boards, so you could use two for the front baffle, and give the other to your wife/husband as a present saying "Oh look, I received a free pair of speakers with this chopping board I bought for you, fancy that!"