exicon mosfets

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I have built a amplifer using exicon mosfets ECX10P16
and ECX10N16 however i had problems with oscilation. Prob due to pcb layout ect. Can anyone help with a suitable circuit and board layout, just a basic design 100W, as i have bought some more and trying to avoid another disaster
quick replies!!

i went to bed late up early didnt expect replies so quick. thanks for the replies, the design and pcb i used was from a Penfold book, it was to use Hitachi T03 mosfets, mounted off the board, the reason i used the plastic exicon ones was the original devices were unavailable and the heatsinks i already have were more suited to the plastic devices. As far as oscilation goes i did find when i placed a 0.1uF cap from the 2 junctions which go to the speaker to ground the oscilation stopped. Not sure how this would affect the output though. However the reason i destroyed the devices was too many crock clip leads scope probes ect and then a short. i have 2 more pairs now. So if there is a design \ layout for these and someone can point me in the right direction i would be pleased. The amplifer is only for disco use, quantity is more important than quality. I have decided to try one of the older ETI designs which i have the board layouts for, mainly for some experience and the output devices are one tenth of the cost. Thankyou Stuart

I gather that you might have mounted the devices on the heatsink and used fly-leads to connect to the PCB. In that case, you would most probably encounter oscillations. If your PCB design allows this, connect the gate resistors directly to the Gate pin rather than through the track on the PCB.

Since you mention quantity rather than quality, whatever design you might finally adopt, you would need atleast two pairs for each channel.

Good options to try are: (1) an old design from Electronics Today Internations by David Tilbrook. Can be considered a benchmark of an amp even by today's standards. (2) OPTIMOS design from Seal Electronics.

Both the above amplifiers will not only deliver the quantity that you are looking for but also very high quality.

By the way, are these devices easily available and for how much? Hearing so much about them of late, that I woud like to try out the Exicons myself.
between about £6 and £9 each (ie. per device) which equates to between US$8 and US$13 ........ looked at the Exicons but quickly realised that i can get the HEXFET's for less than 1/2 the price..... lateral mosfets are good dont get me wrong ...... but i dont know that they are 2-3 times better :)

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thanks for the replies, best forum i have used. the information is correct re the mosfets, i did get them from profusion. well i do have two pairs already, (not to blow i hope this time). I can etch my own boards, have had a etching tank for a long time, use photo sensitve board, i use tracing paper for the art work works very well. i have profusions catalogue here too, and they sell a evaluation board, and i have the circuits too. i was hoping for some ready done artwork, but perhaps i will have to do my own.

i dont have the two (i think ETI articles, cant see the replies at the moment), perhpas i could find them on the net.

i have enough bits now for some of the older ETI designs now, using transistors i will make some this weekend, like a say they are cheaper to blow, 30P-50P a time.

thannks for all your help, if anyone has some artwork they could scan from old magazines ect it would help. stuart@morgan69.screaming.net
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