Exhange Coaxial for Optical connector possible?

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Dear digital peeps,
I require some advice about how to get a DTC-1000ES I acquired on eBay lately to communicate with laptop.

It's a great piece of kit to start with, sony's first PRO DAT deck I believe.

Anyway it only has Coaxial out/in on it and
laptop has Optical out/in via audigy ZS card.

See there is a mismatch,
The audigy has hybrid optical / analog 3.5mm jacks, so perhaps these can be easily converted to coaxial?

Alternatively I can add optical capability to the DAT deck...
The digital I/O line goes like this:
Digi-IN/OUT > Buffer IC > Digital I/O IC.
I ran a search on IC numbers online - no info available.

Any clues?
Funnily enough I know theres USB products for laptop that support coaxial but I wonder how easy it is do this anyway, both interfaces convey SPDIF surely its an easy switch.

Thanks in advance.
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Thanks dacen, I already have the service manual... :)
Didn't see this part, but I'm still unsure how to approach this? Perhaps I'm being lazy?

Edit, I attached this section for anyone to look at


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I was thinking more of a PCB part to add to the DAT or a simple mod I could apply to the 3.5mm jack of the audigy.
I do have a soldering iron, perhaps an easy lesson for diyaudio...
Even on CPC an electronics outlet doesn't have this mysterious jack/converter plug found in the audigy... If I found one online I'm sure documention can provide instructions but I've yet to find the part :D.
Getting closer, "opto transciever" i think is what I'm inquiring about

EDIT: Can't I just add this to the corresponding + and GND ???
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If for example the below image is standard procedure in all combo jacks, can you append or swap one (or both infact) of the L+R 'channels' to the SPDIF signal.
SPDIF would this be VCC in this case? (see attachment).

Ok thanks I'll see what I can do :)


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I won't need that pure optical adapter (3.5 to Torx) like you suggest,
Pry open the audigy,
Disconnect stereo dac/adc functionality
Wire SPDIF to stereo L (or R) of both jacks
Close the audigy
Run standard (mono) 3.5mm to COAX cable adapter to the DATs digital input/output.

I'll keep this updated, post some piccys of the deck (need to borrow a camera).
Thanks again

Audigy was Creatives last best 'notebook' product in my opinion, with re-assuring 'Bit perfect' rec/play feature.
There is also another creative X-fi Go! Pro dongle I must warn readers about though. Pro only supports 44.1 playback and does it badly too. It screeches through udial.wav oversampling test.
I'm astonished creative even sold it - stay well clear.:rolleyes:
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