Excited new member and DIYer

Hello DIYAudio,

Introducing myself to the community. I have been a audio enthusiast since I was in High School (Many years ago...). I have millionaire taste with Thousandaire budget :D.

I have a small setup that I am planning to grow with DIY projects. I love the idea of both the tinkering side of this hobby and the end results of having quality components.

Current setup:
Turntable: Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit SB (DC)
Phonostage: Pro-Ject TubeBox
Speakers: Audio Engine A5+ Powered Speakers
Headphones: Audeze El-8 Closed back Grado SR60e

Current Plans for immediate future upgrades:
PreAmp: Bottlehead Quickie 1.1 Battery (To hold me over until I build a PreBee or Smash DHT from Bottlehead)
AMP: Bottlehead Quicksand (Plan to use as headphone amp and speaker amp until I build a Bottlehead Stereomour II or Kaiju and alternate headphone amp)
Speaker: fe206En based horn speaker (Currently leaning towards either Dallas II or Vulcan)

I live about a mile from Bottlehead and very excited to have access to a local company like them.

Think that is all for now :D
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